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Google Mail Application
*Why are my emails getting grouped?
--Google bases mail organization around 'conversations' messages all tied to the same subject are grouped together to facilitate following the entire dialogue on a particular topic. Given that Google organizes messages in such a way, it becomes increasingly important that your subject actually reflects your topic in order to keep conversations on a single topic.

*How can I turn off conversation view?
--Under your mail settings (general page), you will now see a radio button that allows you to turn conversation view on/off

*How do I set a theme?
--Click on the Settings link on the upper right of your email screen and then locate the Themes link in the top of the settings screen. Pick the theme you like and save.

*Archive or delete?
--Google uses archive as a way to move messages that you no longer wish to view out of your inbox without deleting them. Any messages you have archived may be found in your "All Mail" label as well as by clicking on any of the labels to which they have been assigned. Selecting Delete places the message(s) in your Trash folder........where they will be permanently deleted after 30 days. If you want to get a message out of your inbox, but may want to see it in a couple of months, please be sure and archive rather than deleting. Items inadvertently sent to the trash folder can be moved back out to inbox or anywhere else you would prefer.

*How do I create folders?
--Google mail uses "labels" rather than folders. You can create your own labels and attach messages to one or even more for organizational purposes. You are also able to select a color for your label by clicking on the small box to the left of the label and picking the color of your choice. Messages that you have not yet archived will show up in your inbox with their label(s) listed before the subject. When you archive a message it will no longer appear in your inbox, but can still be viewed by clicking on its label (as well as in "All Mail").

*How is Spam handled?
--We are now using Google's anti-spam engine to catch and control spam. Google delivers all messages that it considers to be spam into your Spam folder. These messages are automatically deleted after 30 days or you can go in at any time and clean out the spam folder by clicking on the link in the upper center of the spam folder screen. If you find a message in the spam folder that is not, you can click on the "not spam" button above the message in order to move it to your inbox and to let Google know they overblocked. If you find a spam message that gets through, please click on the "Report Spam" button to ship it to your spam folder and help Google tune their anti-spam engine

*Settings to access email using a Blackberry or iPhone?
--The settings are the same as setting up a mail account that checks gmail.........the difference is that you need to be sure and use your full email address as your username.
You will be setting up an IMAP account
mail server:
click on the checkbox to use ssl
username: full email address (e.g.

*Is there a way to find district addresses?
--All district email addresses are automatically in the contacts for the Google mail. If you click on the "more" link on the top of the screen you will see a link for contacts. On that screen you can search through all of the 509j contacts using the search box and can create your own as well. People you email will automatically begin to fill in as contacts and will also auto fill as you start to type their name/address in new email messages. You can also click on the "To:" word when composing new email and it will bring up a contact search box so you can find all 509j addresses as well as your own as they fill in over time. Please see the help documents below for exporting contacts from Outlook and then importing them to Google.

*"Groups" or "Contact Groups"?
--If you are looking to create a group of people that you tend to mail and just want a convenient grouping of their email addresses, you will want to go into your contacts and create a group there.....give the group a name and then add members by selecting them from your own personal contacts and/or by using the search field to search for people in your contacts and the district directory. If you are instead looking to create a group that is a mailinglist with space where all emails are saved as a repository of the group communication, then you may wish to create a "Group" by clicking on the Group link at the top of your email screen. Creating a group of this type requires that you give the group a name and then that you select an email address for the group to use. You have the ability to create such a group, but will most likely only wish to do so if you want to create a communication avenue for a group working together on an ongoing project and wish to have an archive of all messages sent to the group.

*How can I change my password?
--From your email page, click on settings in the upper right. In the settings page there is an accounts link, click there and choose the "Google Account settings" link. Once there you will see a link for changing your password.

*How can I click on "mailto" links and have it open my Google Apps mail?
--If you use Internet Explorer, you need to add a registry entry include below (attached .reg file is for JCSD)....just save the file, double-click it to launch and say OK. If you are in another district, please drop IT an email and we'll generate the required file for your entity

--If you use Firefox, you follow the steps included in the attached text document and modify the address as needed to point to your district.

*A red box has appeared in my email warning me about Internet Explorer being in compatibility view, how can I resolve this?
Here is a solution from a Google forum:
Go to the "Tools" menu of your IE browser and from the drop-down menu select "Compatibility View Settings." In there, you will see a check-box labeled "Include updated website lists from Microsoft." Uncheck it i.e. make sure there is no tick/mark in the box.
----We are noting an increase in issues and glitches when using Internet Explorer with Google Apps. If you are having noticeable issues, it may be a better approach to begin using Firefox when accessing Google Apps.

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