Deep Freeze: This program is on most student computers and causes all changes to be wiped out with each reboot of the computer. If something bad happens to the computer it can usually be set back right just by rebooting. It is in the lower right corner of the screen and is a little gray polar bear face icon. If Deep Freeze is disabled this icon will blink red. While disabled changes to the computer will be permanent.

Home Directories: Every login links to a home directory (H:\ drive). This is your own personal secure folder on the network. Any computer that you log on to will give you access to the files you put here. Students must use this in order for their work to be saved. Anything saved locally to a computer (like to My Documents) may not be there the next time the student comes back to that computer.

Drop boxes: Every teacher can request a drop box. This will be a folder on the network where students can place their finished documents and projects for grading.
At JCMS these will be located at \\jcms\dropboxes
At MHS these will be located at \\madras\dropboxes

Shutting down: Student computers may be shut down at the end of the school day every day except Monday. Please leave all computers on on Monday nights for scheduled maintenance.